About Marshy Hope Labradors

AKC breeder of MeritMarshyHope Labradors, Reg. has bred quality English Labradors since 1999!

We have accomplished & well-loved dogs all over the world and since we only breed a few litters of puppies each year, we take each and every puppy very seriously!  We hope that you will appreciate the description of how our puppies are raised and how new homes are chosen for them.  We understand it may be a little different from other breeders’ methods, but our experience & philosophies have proven successful with a long list of happy MarshyHope families!

Our Puppy Protocol:

Socialization is a top priority for MarshyHope – hence our reputation for producing confident, friendly, intelligent and relaxed dogs. They spend their first 4 weeks enjoying all of the comforts of home, while still in their whelping box. This environment lets them become adjusted to typical household noises and routines – TV, friends & guests, vacuum, phone, furniture, etc.
Once the pups are ready to start weaning and running around, they are moved out of their whelping box and into a huge indoor/outdoor, heated and air-conditioned run and play area – our own attached in-home puppy nursery!  Here, they quickly learn to use the doggie doors to go outside to the bathroom, get lots of muscle building exercise, and begin their more advanced socializing. Their huge outside area has tons of textures: grass, concrete, climbing toys, swimming pools, and toys that maximize their thinking power. Best of all, they are placed right in the middle of my “big dogs” running area so they can watch and learn – so important in their journey to become good citizens in the dog community.  These are foundation building exercises that are incorporated into everyday life here at MarshyHope.
After weaning, we start our daily neighborhood off-lead walking sessions as a family pack. Our “neighborhood” includes over 100 acres of family- owned walking trails, crop fields, creeks, ditches, and pastures. These walks build confidence, intelligence, and bold curiosity in our pups. The walks also help to establish the alpha (that’s me!) pack leader and move all of our dogs towards a calm, happy, and tranquil frame of mind!
We work extremely hard to put together an extensive package of information on each puppy for their new owners. Pedigrees as far back as I can research, as many pictures of relatives as I can gather, an accumulation of my favorite articles around training, health issues/clearances, and feeding programs, and a personalized CD of pictures of the litter from birth to when they go to their new homes – all in professionally bound kits.
Puppies are evaluated by our veterinarian, micro-chipped for permanent identification, vaccinated & wormed appropriate for age, and issued health certificates before they are allowed to leave us.
The pups receive their first puppy vaccinations (distemper/parvo) at 7 weeks. They are wormed with Nemex II at least two times before they leave us.  Depending on the time of year and environmental exposure, sometimes they receive a bordetella vaccine, as well.
We will happily accept applications for our puppies and answer any inquiries you may have at any time. Once our puppies have arrived, $500 non-refundable deposits will be accepted for a particular sex & color of puppy after a phone interview. Each puppy is placed in the home that is most appropriate (not based on order of deposit taken) – based on the puppy’s personality and the dynamics and needs of the family as determined by our interviewing process.
It is a team effort that we take very seriously. It is in everyone’s best long term interest to be matched with a puppy that fits each family’s needs for the long run, not just for today.
Your non-refundable deposit holds a puppy of a specific color and sex. Of course, in the unfortunate case that we are unable to provide you with the sex & color of the pup you were looking for, we will certainly refund your deposit.
After pups are at least 5 weeks old, we will  schedule puppy play dates with families from whom we’ve accepted deposits. For the health and welfare of our new babies, we absolutely limit foot traffic until their immune systems can more easily tolerate new germs, bacteria, and viruses that can come along with seemingly harmless visitors.  An ounce of prevention . . . as the saying goes!
For the safety of our dogs, family, staff, and home – we do not allow visitors unless you have secured a puppy with a deposit.
In the meantime, I post new pictures of the litter often (see our FaceBook page for the most current photos!) and it is so easy to follow the progress of the pups as the weeks fly by!
All puppies placed from Marshy Hope are sold on either Limited Registration (quality pet puppies that will be spayed or neutered) or co-ownership basis (if the puppy is one we would like to follow into maturity as a potential show and/or breeding prospect). Both of these options will be discussed in full with you, and final decisions about the registration of your pup will be made by us between 7-8 weeks of age.
****We do not ship unattended puppies for any reason****
You are welcomed to fly in and take your puppy home in the airplane cabin. We will do our best to help you with your travels and accommodations.
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Request an Application by email

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Please email us for current info on our program plans!